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Hot striptease on LiveCam

Take it off. Not only is a striptease the perfect way to seduce your partner, it's also super empowering for you and will make you feel incredibly sexy. And you don't have to be a dancer to do it. Choose a seductive outfit, set the mood, then get those hips and hands moving.

Put on a pretty set of undergarments or lingerie underneath your clothes

Now is not the time for cotton sports bras or granny panties. Instead, opt for something a little sexier, like a matching lace bra and underwear or a sheer bodysuit. Choose or see this pieces that flatter your figure and show off your best assets. For example, if you love your back but aren’t a fan of your belly, wear a teddy that dips low in the back and provides coverage in the front over your midsection. Men might select a pair of silk boxer briefs in a slightly see-through black.

Dress in clothes that are comfortable and easy to take off

Your outerwear is the least important part of your striptease. You want something that you feel good in and that you can remove without much trouble. Pick a slip dress or a sheer blouse with a stretchy skirt, for example, or, for men, wear loose jeans and a pullover. Stay away from anything super tight, like skinny jeans, or clothes in a scratchy fabric that could irritate your partner if you dance against them.

Go for a costume if you and your partner are into role-playing

Adopting a new persona for the night can add an exciting twist to your striptease. You can’t go wrong with the classic sexy librarian look, complete with glasses, a button-down shirt, and pencil skirt. Or, if your partner likes a woman or man in uniform, rock a form-fitting cop costume. You have the skills to be one of the top cammodels.


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